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We specialise in awesome and unique potted indoor plants, succulents and cacti to name a few,

 all on offer alongside a selection of art and craft items.

We were never biggest fans of cacti unti
Ada's favorite day of the week! 🌞 #terr
Look at those juicy mini gardens 💚 Load
Our new obsession! #fatsiajaponica also
Well hello instafriends 🙌 hope you'll h
What a treat 😍💚 Variegated String of H
Peperomia Caperata is one one of those p
Because #calatheathursday is a thing🙌Pr
For the #terrariumtuesday we made these
Some of you are dead...
Maranta in its glory 😍 for our #calathe
Happy #terrariumtuesday 💚 These babies
Few more shelves, few more plants and sh
Beginning of the week in Ilkley and rest
There she is in all the glory ♡ #strelit
Happy Monday everyone 💚 How much has th